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About - H-Can - Producteur de cannabis légal (CBD Suisse)


At H-CAN, we bring together nature’s benefits with Swiss mastery by providing premium legal cannabis flowers crafted with care and awareness. Our plants are organically grown, and all our materials responsibly sourced from local farmers and manufacturers.
We do not and will never use synthetic terps, pesticides, herbicides and fungicides since we believe that plants should be grown as mother nature intended to. Our agronomist continuously supervises all the production ensuring optimal conditions for the plants to express the best of their genetic potentials. All of our products are tested by an independent laboratory certified by the Swiss Confederation. Our flowers contain less than 1% of THC and high levels of CBD.Just bare in mind that our main priority will always be to provide you with legal cannabis flowers of the highest quality!


Our mission is to share our passion for the cannabis plant by offering the highest quality natural products to the companies and communities we serve.


At H-Can, we favor the respect of the plant and the consumer, that’s why we only use organic and natural solutions, to offer you the best flowers … Cultivated with love!


Everything we do is tailored to ensure your happiness. This is why we are constantly looking for the best strains and continuously improving our production processes. By focusing on transparency and availability, we always aim to achieve higher level of excellence.